What Others Are Saying…

Lara has worked with adults,
children and infants of all ages
for many years, and has helped
both adults and children change
their lives and experience success.

Below you will find the results in
the words of her clients. If you
have a success story you would like
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“Lara has helped me become more aware of my body, increasing my consciousness about my health. Lara is a kind, understanding and wise soul. Her knowledge about the body and its systems is extensive. I have learned how to walk correctly thereby alleviating knee pain I’ve had for years.”

-Ardath Berliant, Entrepreneur

“I look forward to each session and am buoyant upon departure. It has become a vital part of my life and has greatly increased my quality of life through ease of muscle pain and spasms. As a fibromyalgia sufferer I have been in pain from the disease. However, since I have been working with Lara, I have been feeling fantastic…”

-Carolyn Byrnes, Pharmacist

“Lara Gillease is that rare healer who generously shares her knowledge, skills and expertise with her unique humor, sensitivity, and true joy of life. She brings us, some who are in pain, others stiff and imbalanced, along, guiding us on this transformative journey, with her unique step-by-highly-calculated-step where we were meant to go but did not know how. With Lara, our new movement is as a dance, yet as we move, as we tone, our bodies change, truly change. Without huffing, struggling, straining, our muscles gently and safely extend to new places, posture realigns, we walk differently, reach differently. We wonder at the difference, the improvement, the transformation of our form, the way we move, in subtle different ways. Lara’s work and passion guides us joyfully into true, profound, and lasting change. Not only with our muscles, tendons, joints, though that would be enough, but in our brains, into new paths where we can begin to move with both consciousness and freedom and into a life of greater potential in every way.”

-Jane Quincannon Stanchich, Licensed Nutritionist, Certified Macrobiotic Educator

“The chronic pain in my back is gone and I felt centered, stable and balanced riding my horse after one Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement lesson with Lara. I am amazed as I have been riding since I was a small child.”

-Julie, Dressage Horse Back Rider

“Lara is a Master Teacher, demonstrating great prowess combining knowledge, care, expertise and enthusiasm. After 5 sessions, my original pain is nearly forgotten and I feel younger, stronger, more flexible with a decidedly greater clarity of mind.”

-Paul, Ballroom Dancer

“My daughter has been regularly receiving NeuroMovement lessons, but this is the first time I did some lessons for myself. I am so glad I did. Not only do I have a better understanding of the Anat Baniel Method, I also found myself deeply touched at the end of each lesson with Lara. As now I know how kind and lovingly my child has been being touched.”

-Claire, mother of child with Cerebral Palsy

“Before I started treatment with Lara, I was stiff and in pain much of the time. It has made all the difference in the world. I am stronger and I move more confidently, effortlessly.”

-Linda Wisnewski, Registered Nurse

“When my daughter was a new baby Lara was extremely helpful in teaching me how to pick her up, hold her, roll her over, etc. in ways that wouldn’t be stressful on her spine. She worked with her whenever we came to Asheville and kept a close eye on her progress. She assisted her beautifully in her discovery process through the journey of learning to roll over, to crawl, and later movement discoveries as well. After working with Lara, she would always come home with a new comfort in her body and new movement discoveries.

“I remember before one visit as a toddler, my daughter was tripping over everything. After the visit she had a new stability and sense of balance in her legs. After our most recent visit for several sessions with Lara, we returned home and she and I had a wonderful spontaneous dance session in our living room. I saw a great deal more pure joy and freedom in her than I had seen her express before. Of course it doesn’t hurt that sessions with Lara are so much fun and that Lara is one of my daughter’s “favorite people ever.”

-Amy, mother of 4-year-old

“At 51, my body hurt all the time and I was depressed. I felt like I was an elderly person who was always talking about my physical problems. I came to Lara unenthusiastically because I’d tried chiropractic, acupuncture and anti-inflammatories. Boy, was I surprised! After the first session I had dramatic results: I left her office pain free. Ongoing sessions have addressed all of my pain issues. It’s like I got sprayed with a big can of WD-40! Everything moves better. I remain grateful for her wonderful talents.”

-Arthur Jackson, Retired Business Executive

“As a grandparent who enjoys an active life, the benefits have been enormous. I’m more flexible and I feel better mentally and physically. Lara’s expertise and her spiritual nature permeate her work.”

-Meg Thompson, Retired Educator/Principal

“Lara is very adept at assessing needs and finding the perfect healing modality for the current condition, among the many she has mastered.”

-Leslie Simon, retired teacher and school owner

“Our son is starting to do new things he has never done before in his ABM NeuroMovement lessons with Lara Gillease. Things we have been trying to get him to do for a long time with more traditional methods. As a parent, it is such a relief to have found ABM NeuroMovement and see him making the progress I always knew he was capable of and to see how happy he is. He loves his lessons with Lara.”

-Mother of 4-year-old boy with cerebral palsy

“Thanks for your workshop- we got lots of good feedback!”

-Warren Pednergast,MD, Medical Director, North Carolina Physicians Health Program

“Thanks for giving so freely of your knowledge, care, moral support and kind gracious presence.”

-Ginny Faust, Urban Planner

“I came to my first appointment with Lara kind of skeptical. I have been a high level athlete my whole life and have had many excellent trainers along the way, as well as my share of physical therapists. Well, I am no longer a skeptic- but a true believer in AB Method and Lara’s work. My sessions keep getting more profound and my knowledge of how to use my body more efficiently grows with each session. Lara is a true master in her field and I am a grateful student and recipient of her wisdom about movement.”

-Jonathan W., Tennis Player

“I am a professional musician. I came to Lara initially because of pain in my neck and shoulders. She was able to get me out of pain in just 3 sessions! Then as we continued to work, I realized how much these sessions improved my ability to play. I play with more dexterity, agility, speed and creativity. These improvements were way beyond my expectations.”

-Freda B., Professional Violinist

“My son’s neurologist can’t believe how much progress he has made since working with Lara. He is doing so much more, including walking. His eye contact is greatly improved and he now crawls up steps by himself.”

-Elaine, mother of 4-year-old diagnosed with developmental delay

“Since starting to work with Lara, his teachers notice a big improvement in his stance, posture and walking. He doesn’t hunch over out of habit anymore. He tells me, “People can see how tall I am now, not fake tall. I am happy that my back feels good.”

-Robyn, mother of 10-year-old with scoliosis

“My son has developed a deep sense of trust with Lara and when she works with him he will explore the space around him with ease, as he learns new ways to move. I have seen improvements in visions, speech, fine and gross motor skills since Lara began working with him.”

-Jennifer, mother of 5-year-old with cerebral palsy and visual impairment

“Your Integrative Pilates is the toughest, most relaxing workout I’ve ever done.”

-Carolyn Termini, Retired Sales

“My husband and I really enjoy your Integrative Pilates and appreciate your excellent instruction.”

-Renee M., Professor

“This is the first time while doing Pilates that I felt safe, useful and I had fun. I loved it.”

-April R.

“Lara has such an amazing touch- I feel relaxed and renewed.”

-Laurie M., Retired Teacher

“Lara made my whole life pain free when I had such doubts it could ever happen. Lara answered all my questions concerning Scenar and how it initiates the healing process. True to her words, my body’s natural physiological state has been re-established and I am pain free after years of chronic pain after two sessions.

-Mary Muhlig, Ph.D.

“Lara totally cured me of sciatic pain- and that was after I had tried everything, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and physical therapy.”

-Kapila, Organic Farmer

“Lara is insightful and knowledgeable. I am comfortable working with her because I feel she knows me and tailors the appointments to meet my specific needs.”

-Darlene Leoni, Real Estate Broker

“The Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method class with Lara is worth the price of my healthclub membership.”

-Gabrielle R., Y Member

“I can now move pain free thanks to these [the Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement] lessons.”


“My flexibility has not only been restored, it has actually increased.”


“My tension- especially in my back melts away after these [Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement] lessons. I just love it.”