High Performing

High Performing

Through Feldenkrais and
Anat Baniel Method
NeuroMovement, you are guided
through movements and variations
related to your activity.

So you can learn different ways to
upgrade your skill and enhance
your performance.

“I came to my first appointment with Lara kind of skeptical. I have been a high level athlete my whole life and have had many excellent trainers along the way, as well as my share of physical therapists. Well, I am no longer a skeptic- but a true believer in Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement and Lara’s work. My sessions keep getting more profound and my knowledge of how to use my body more efficiently grows with each session. Lara is a true master in her field and I am a grateful student and recipient of her wisdom about movement.”
-Jonathan W., Tennis Player

“I am a professional musician. I came to Lara initially because of pain in my neck and shoulders. She was able to get me out of pain in just 3 sessions! Then as we continued to work, I realized how much these sessions improved my ability to play. I play with more dexterity, agility, speed and creativity. These improvements were way beyond my expectations.”
-Freda B., Professional Violinist

Improve Your Skills with Feldenkrais and the Anat Baniel Method

For anyone wanting to perform at their peak-be it athletes, musicians, dancers, actors or even executive leaders- the Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement can help substantially improve their performance skills.

How do these methods help to achieve this seemingly miraculous feat?

It begins with the brain. You see, first, the human brain processes information in two ways.

First, it creates “templates” or “programs” that allow us to automatically do routine activities without even thinking about them- like walking on a treadmill or typing a keyboard. These automatic or habitual behaviors have tremendous value because they provide us with a means to do things predictably.

Someone who is not a high performer in a particular field may be satisfied with their habitual way of doing things in that field. High performers, however, in order to stay on top of their game must keep improving their skills.

Improve Your Skills with Feldenkrais and the Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement

This brings us to the second way the brain processes information- through learning.

When you first mastered that skill, you brought your full attention to the process. When we are learning something new- for example, how to swing a tennis racquet, play the violin or perfect dance choreography- we bring all of our energy and awareness to the process.

We also experiment with different ways of doing this activity. We do it this way, that way, yet a third and fourth way while observing how the subtle changes are affecting the outcome.

When we do this, we are in learning mode. Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement provide the necessary components of being in learning mode. So you can improve on different aspects of that skill.

You are guided through a process of variations related to your activity so you can learn different ways of continually enhancing your performance. You can then vary the components of your skill to achieve greater self-expression and true mastery of your chosen endeavor.

Craniosacral for High Performing

What happens during a private appointment?

While lying or sitting comfortably, you will be given a series of instructive movements that help resolve tense areas, alter habitual patters and provide your brain with new movement options.These instructions are communicated through slow, gentle touch and verbal cues.

Many people have felt changes after just three sessions. Most experience a profound sense of calmness, letting go of muscle tension, increased range of motion, and renewed freedom that restores overall ease and comfort.

So if you are ready to perform at your peak, schedule a FREE Get Acquainted call by emailing: [email protected].