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Back2Mobility:Become more mobile in your back (and other joints) So you can Move F.R.E.E. again

Self-paced online home program
Delivered right to your in-box for 6 weeks

Gentle, effective, field-tested exercise movements

Move in a tension and stress free way

Overcome physical limitations

A turn-key approach that combines movements and exercises adapted from pilates, developmental patterns of movement and the brain’s potential for learning so you experience moving (and learn to move) the way your body is structured to move optimally—to be at your very best.

Sign up for this go-at-your-own-pace and do-it-wherever-you-are program. For more information, email Lara at [email protected]


Feldenkrais® / Anat Baniel Method℠ Group Class

Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement Lessons
Private Appointments

Learn how to move more effectively by doing a different set of movements each lesson either in lying or sitting. Learning these movements helps reduce tension, increase flexibility, improve posture and to learn how to move pain free. Each lesson is a learning-based progression of movements built around a theme so the student’s skill level increases. Every lesson focuses on different functions such as reaching, arching, turning so the student acquires new movement choices for everyday life. Movements are executed gently, slowly & are beneficial for people of all ages.

“My tension- especially in my back melts away after these lessons. I just love it.” -JP
“My flexibility has not only been restored, it has actually increased.” –LD
“I can now move pain free thanks to these lessons.” –JM