Lara’s Services


Lara’s Services

Lara may utilize a variety of
different modalities to aid you
in achieving your specific goals
including the following:

Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement®

“Lara is very adept at assessing needs and finding the perfect healing modality for the current condition, among the many she has mastered.”
-Leslie Simon, retired teacher and private school owner

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Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement

The Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement are gentle, safe, guided movement methods that teach you how to move differently to relieve chronic pain and/or become more skillful in your activities as well as aid those with specific conditions.

Click below to learn more about how these methods can help you with:
Pain Relief
Healthy Aging
High Performing Adults
Special Needs Children

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Originators of the Methods:
Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was a physicist, engineer and judo master who pioneered a learning system that utilizes movement and awareness of self to bring about remarkable changes in the human mind and body. Based on his understanding of the central nervous system he created a mode that incorporates over 1,000 movement-lessons and personalized hands-on teachings. These are designed around specific functions that make it possible for the brain to organize action more effectively.

Anat Baniel, who knew Dr. Feldenkrais since childhood, began her long professional relationship with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in 1973 as his apprentice. From 1977 to 1981 she taught in Dr. Feldenkrais’ Institute in Tel-Aviv and became a trainer for him in 1981. Since that time she has become a world renowned teacher of adults and special needs children. Her 30 years experiences, expert skills and unique ability to teach has evolved into the Anat Baniel Method. In addition to being a psychologist and trained dancer, she is the author of two books about the Anat Baniel Method. “Move Into Life” describes the nine essentials for learning and moving freely. “Kids Beyond Limits” is a guide for parents of special needs children.

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“Your Integrative Pilates is the toughest, most relaxing workout I’ve ever done.”
-Carolyn Termini, Retired Sales

“My husband and I really enjoy your Integrative Pilates and appreciate your excellent instruction.”
-Renee M., Professor

Pilates is a series of exercises proven to be a very effective technique for conditioning the body and mind with low impact on the sensitive joints. By working muscle systems, you can become stronger, increase tone and flexibility, improve coordination and posture, body control and awareness. A Pilates workout can energize you before or after a long day at work, be a great stress reducer and aid in a wide variety of rehabilitation efforts.

“This is the first time while doing Pilates that I felt safe, useful and I had fun. I loved it.”
-April R.

Pilates DVDs

Two professionally produced DVDs with instruction by Lara so you can:

  • Reduce back pain and stress
  • Strengthen your abdominals and back
  • Balance core strength with flexibility
Pilates DVD Volume 1 Gentle Conditioning
Volume 1 Gentle Conditioning

Pilates DVD Volume 2 Advanced Conditioning
Volume 2 Advanced Conditioning

Pilates DVD Volume 1 & 2 Gentle and Advanced Conditioning
Buy Both DVDs for only $29.00

They are available in two volumes- Gentle Conditioning and Advanced Conditioning. Each volume was created either as a stand-alone workout or as a progression from Gentle to Advanced for a longer workout.


Craniosacral for High Performing


“Lara has such an amazing touch- I feel relaxed and renewed.”
-Laurie M., Retired Teacher

Craniosacral, through slow gentle movements and a soft touch, restores the natural rhythms of the fluid that flows in the membranes of the skull and sacrum. This releases restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve functioning of the central nervous system.

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Scenar Facial


“Lara made my whole life pain free when I had such doubts it could ever happen. Lara answered all my questions concerning Scenar and how it initiates the healing process. True to her words, my body’s natural physiological state has been re-established and I am pain free after years of chronic pain after two sessions.”
-Mary Muhlig, Ph.D.

Scenar is FDA approved for pain management. The body can get accustomed to a stable pathological state, which may have been caused by injury, disease or toxicity. The Scenar reads the resistance level of the skin and relays this information to the brain via the skin itself. This initiates the healing process by stimulating the production of regulatory peptides for the body to use where necessary, thereby re-establishing the body’s natural physiological state and aiding in pain management.

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